And Then There Were Three

Monday night: Simon Godfrey and Tom Hyatt were joined on stage by keyboard player Joe Cardillo for their second impromptu performance since January.

'We've been quietly rehearsing some tunes for a couple of months now' said Tom. 'We slipped out for a drink at the Grape Street bar after a playing session at Simon's Duckland Studios. While there, we were offered the chance to get up on stage and play a few numbers and naturally, we jumped at the chance.'

All three were very happy to shake off some musical cobwebbs live (if only for a few minutes) and are looking to play a full set at the Manayunk venue sometime in the near future.

Simon added helpfully; 'This was just a couple of tunes but rest assured that we'll let everybody know when we book a propper show. In the meantime...pull my finger'.


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